Sunday, September 22, 2013

Football Sunday: Mike Wallace Patch

The Steelers are facing the Chicago Bears tonight as part of the Sunday Night Football lineup.  They're going up against a very strong defense and the Steelers offense has really been struggling this year.  Part of it is the lack of a running game, but another part is the plays that Mike Wallace was able to make.  Wallace is a speedster that helped change the offensive mindset when he was on the field.  Wallace was able to open up the field a lot as a target for Big Ben.  The Steelers are currently 0-2 to start the season which they haven't done in over a decade.  Let's hope they can turn things around today.

The above Mike Wallace patch was purchased on ebay over the summer for $6 shipped.  I couldn't pass it up because something about me just loves those throwback uniforms.

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