Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Jose Tabata MLB Logoman 2010 Bowman Platinum

It's been over a year since I showed off a Jose Tabata card on my blog.  After signing a very team friendly contract extension, Jose has been average at best.  Looking at the stat WAR (Wins Above Replacement), Jose put up a 0.8 WAR in his debut season (2010) during 102 games.  Since that year, Jose has put up 0.8 WAR over the course of 3 seasons and 286 games.  Once prized as a key player the Pirates hoped build around, Jose is now mostly a pinch runner and platoon partner in right field.

Even though he's just average, I still root for the guy harder than most other Pittsburgh fans.

To paraphrase the most interesting man on earth..."I don't always look for Jose Tabata cards, but when I do...I prefer logoman patches."

2010 Bowman Platinum AUTO MLB PATCH 9/199
I don't have Tabata cards saved as a search on ebay, but after putting up a 3 for 4 performance with 2 RBI earlier in the month, I decided to see what all was available of the former top prospect.  When I discovered this card for $20 shipped, I decided to pull the trigger.  I like cards wtih logo patches or laundry tags.  This fits that nicely.

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