Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Best Flea Market Find Ever!!!!!!

Anyone that has ever attended a flea market knows that there's always treasure to be unearthed.  Here at the Treasure Room, I'm always looking for Vintage Topps to complete my Pirates team sets.

As I was walking through the aisles, I came across a table that had a long box labeled "Old Baseball Cards". Most of the cards inside were mid 80s Topps and Donruss.  There was an occasional card from 1975 Topps thrown in for good measure here and there.  As I continued to flip through the cards, none of which were in penny sleeves or toploaders, I discovered several more vintage cards from the 60s including this below gem.

To not tip off the seller, I grabbed a handful of other random cards and stacked this in the middle as his box was labeled 10 cards for $5.

For those of you unaware, that's a 1965 Roberto (or as Topps called him Bob) Clemente.  It's the real deal. Not a reprint. Not an Archive.  A legit Roberto Clemente 1965 Topps for .50!!!!  Getting this card so cheap is the reason why I don't feel bad showing off tomorrow's overpriced card.