Friday, January 10, 2014

Black is the New Black: Gregory Polanco 2012 Heritage 32/96

People are always coming up with new colors to be the new black.  Here at the Pirates Treasure Room no such thing exists.  Black is the new Black!!!!

I will begin to highlight some of my black parallels each week in this format.  If you like low numbered black parallels, be sure to keep your eyes on this blog.  It's going to be fun.
2012 Topps Heritage Gregory Polanco Black Parallel

The first card I'm going to showcase is my 2012 Topps Heritage Minors Gregory Polanco.  This young five tool outfielder burst onto the scene in 2012 when he put up insane numbers for the West Virgina Power.  In 116 games, Polanco recorded a line of .325/.388/.522 as top elite defender in centerfield.  In addition to having a strong slash line, Polanco recorded 40 stolen bases, 16 HR, and 85 RBI.

Many scouts will tell you that you can tell how successful a minor leaguer will be based on his walk to strikeout ratio.  How about these career minor league numbers: 1.42 strikeout to walk rate (137/96) for a kid that's only 21 that reached AAA ball?

Last year's top NL position rookie (Yasiel Puig) posted a 1.63 strikeout to walk rate (44/27) over his minor league career through the age of 22.  Small sample size, you say?

Ok, how about the top AL position rookie (Wil Myers) who posted a 1.74 strikeout to walk rate over his 445 minor league career through the age of 22?

To say that Polanco is going to be something special, may be an understatement.

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