Sunday, January 19, 2014

From Grocery store bagger to MLB starting shortstop

Having worked in the retail environment of a supermarket since I was 14 years old, I really love to hear stories of success from "bag boy" to on field superstar.  Kurt Warner's HOF football career stands out above all the rest, but there is countless stories from "bagging groceries last week to being on field making a big play".

Kevin Polkovich isn't a name many people know, but for fans of the Pittsburgh Pirates and the 1997 team, he is memorable.

During Spring Training, Polcovich was bagging groceries and selling shoes to make some extra money before the season started and got called up during the 1997 season to replace Kevin Elster.  He played one of the most important positions on the diamond by handling shortstop very well and batting .273.

The above TTM was signed by Polcovich and traded to me by the Collective Troll, who I greatly miss being part of the blogging community.

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