Friday, January 3, 2014

The Most HOF Relics I can fit into 1 post

I wanted to make a giant post showcasing a bunch of HOF relics I've picked up over the past couple months.  Relics featuring Hall of Famers are never cheap, but I'm quite happy with the prices I paid for these bat and jersey relics.

2004 Topps Tribute HOF BAT RELIC Roberto Clemente
The most expensive of the relics was the above Roberto Clemente bat relic from 2004 Topps Tribute HOF. This card ran me $18 shipped which if you've ever tried to purchase a Clemente bat relic is a bargain.  Most Clemente relics sell in the $25+ range.  As you all probably know, Roberto was inducted into the HOF in 1973 without having to wait the mandatory 5 years of retirement for induction.

2002 Topps Tribute Memorable Materials 

In 2002 Topps Tribute released a series of cards called Memorable Materials.  Bill mazeroski was part of that checklist highlighting his walkoff Game 7 World Series winning Homerun in 1960.  Topps has aknowledged Maz' walkoff HR in several of their releases throughout the years.  The above card was won for $8.50 shipped.

2012 Panini National Treasures League Leaders BAT RELIC 99/99

I previously showed off a few bat relics of the Waner brothers last year.  I managed to pick up another Paul Waner  bat relic numbered 99/99 from 2012 National Treasures.  My 3rd bat relic of the 17th all-time hit leader ran me just $5.99 with combined shipping of another item I plan on showing off in the near future.  I know the cards aren't licensed, but I think the National Treasures series may have been one of the best high end products on the market.

2008 UD Premier Legendary Remnants 9/30
This card put me to 47 hits of Willie "Pops" Stargell, the most hits I own of a retired baseball player.  The 2008 UD Premier Legendary Remnants ran me a cool $8 to add it to the Treasure Room.

Overall I grabbed 4 relics of HOF Pirates for around $40 shipped.  While not considered steals, I think I did ok for myself.


  1. Those are 4 awesome cards! All good prices, but the Clemente for $18 is a steal! And $5.99 for the Paul Waner bat card is a steal as well. He's is in the 3000 Hit Club! Great pick-ups!

    1. Thanks Dan. I had this post set for sometime during the summer, but realized it never went off. Must have been during one of the "upgrades" from Blogger.

  2. Nice haul... especially the Clemente.