Sunday, January 26, 2014

You Nearly Completed Me with a Play at the Plate

My Vintage Needs are decressing each month and I am getting VERY CLOSE to crossing off the 1956 Topps set.  I attended a local mall card show with my brother last week and was digging through the 50% off vintage bins.  For only $4.50 I managed to grab this 1956 Topps Dick Groat that features an awesome play at the plate (possibly with Roy Campanella?)

1956 Topps Dick Groat
The only card that remains to be added to complete my 1956 Topps Pirates team set.....
a second year card of Roberto Clemente.  Knowing that the Clemente was one of the cards and recognizing the slim possiblity that the Groat could be one of the 10 or so cards in the 1956 stack, I said to my brother "Should I even bother trying to see if Dick Groat is in here?"  The 2nd card in the pile was the excellent piece of vintage cardboard you see above.

The back is just as nice.

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