Sunday, January 5, 2014

How did I never post this card?

It's a 2011 Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor of Starling Marte graded as a 9.  Maybe because it's a PSA grade that's only a 9, but I remember winning this card for less than $100.  There's currently a copy of it on ebay as a 9.5 graded for $235. I bought this before Starling made his MLB debut because I really liked meeting him when he was playing in AA Altona. He gave me a game used bat for crying out loud.


  1. They give out game used bats at minor league games? I need to start attending more SJ Giants games. Btw... nice gold refractor.

    1. Yeah. I attended 3 games in a row right behind the Curve's dugout. On the 3rd night he looked up at me and my girlfriend at the time and said to me "hey you want bat? it's cracked" What would you do in that situation? LOL!