Tuesday, January 28, 2014

First Look at 2014 Topps with tradebait

I was in the mood for a $5 JanuarANY footlong at the subway near my house which happens to be inside of a WalMart and while there I decided to browse the card aisle.  I was surprised to see the 2014 Topps had just been packed out.

Here's some of the highlights of the blaster and hanger I bought.  With the exception of the Pirates, everything is for trade

First up is the Commemorative Patch I was guaranteed.  It's of the 2013 AL HomeRun champ, Chris "Crush" Davis.

Some cool inserts were found in the packs.  I purposely set the Big Papi 1989 mini crooked to give it that illusion of all those miscut 1989 Topps from our youth.

Because it's WalMart, there were blue parallels.

to go with the other color parallels

I'm not sure if every player in Series 1 has these parallels, but if they do, I will certainly be tracking down the Pirates team set.  Both of these are of the Pirates rival Reds.

And of course the mega hyped LA phenoms Yasiel Puig and Mike Trout

How did I do with Pirates in my Wal Mart adventure?
Well, I didn't strike out.
of the 4 Pirates I pulled, 2 were blue parallels (Gerrit Cole and Charlie Morton)
I was f-ing pumped to see the Mortons!!!!!

Unlike previous years where sunglasses, celebrations, homerun robbing catches, and autograph signings are shortprints, this year they are part of the regular set.


  1. That Randy Johnson Upper Class card is pretty bad-ass.

  2. Those All-Rookie Cup cards look better than most of the other inserts.

  3. Thanks for the scans. Now I have an even further head start on original photo sources for my new blog!

  4. I would be interested in the Davis patch, Machado and the Tom Seaver send me an email @ soskinfamily@yahoo.com and maybe we can swing something. Thanks, Dion

  5. What is the card number of the Puig? that is a different image/card than was in the Topps original sell sheets. Also the Halladay SuperVet is not on the S1 Checker

    1. Ok I found Halladay on the SV checklist, but Puig is still an anomaly.

    2. The Puig from the sell sheet (Future Star) is one of the SP variations.