Friday, January 16, 2015

Triple Threads Reverse Box 2for1 Challenge Update

During the final month of 2014 I was closing on completing a 2 for 1 Reverse Box Challenge.  My most recent addition (a triple relic of Sandoval, Beltre, and Alvarez) brought my total to $91 and left me needing only a triple relic/auto, a jumbo relic/auto, and a handful of base/parallels.  With only $59 it would be a difficult challenge.  To further make it more of a challenge I decided to enhance my box with one extra hit by "pulling" an auto of Gregory Polanco instead of a parallel.

This great looking auto ran me an extra $22 delivered and brings me to only $37 left in the funds for a triple relic/auto and a jumbo relic/auto along with a few more base cards.  I've already grabbed the jumbo relic/auto for a very reasonable price so this crazy goal might actually work out.

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