Saturday, February 7, 2015

Reverse Boxin Update #3: Gerrit Cole Auto/Jersey

Last week I showed off an awesome /25 Roberto Clemente bat that would lead to me doing a reverse box of National Treasures.  That bat relic set me back $62.  Earlier this week I showed off an amazing Cut Auto and Jumbo Bat relic booklet of HOFer Willie Stargell that set me back $81.  It looked like I didn't stand a chance at making a reverse box for under budget.  Well, the most recent week has been very kind to me and I was able to add this Gerrit Cole Jumbo Jersey/On Card Auto for only $23 and made some other purchases as well for well under budget.

I figured I have $53 to spend per card to reverse the box properly and so far I have spent $166 on a $159 budget for those three cards so I am a little over still.  Rest assured though that I should AND WILL get this box for much less than asking price and every card will be /50 or less (something National Treasures can't guarantee).

The 5 remaining cards will have to be a guaranteed 2 more autographs and a combination of 3 remaining hits (relic, gem, auto).  I have not seen any boxes busted that contain 2 booklets, but maybe they exist too?

On another note, every card in my box will be Pirates centered (either through playing with the team, drafted by team, or signed by team at some point during their playing career).

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