Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Real Diamond Gem in my Reverse Box

I've been showing off some incredible cards for my 2014 National Treasures Reverse Box.  The card I'm going to show off today is a true gem though (pun intended).

Randomly inserted in packs of 2014 National Treasures are gem cards of some of the game's greatest ball players of All-Time.  Each card features an actual diamond or emerald inside the card.

For $45 I grabbed a Paul Waner diamond numbered 12/20.

The back of the card authenticates the diamond as real so I may have gotten a major savings on that.  LOL!

This marks my 7th card of the reverse box and brings my box total to $279.  That leaves $146 for the remaining autograph of my reverse box. HINT: I'M WAAAAYYYY UNDER THE AMOUNT.

Other cards I have shown already in my reverse box of /50 copies and all Pirates include
2 Hall of Famer autographs (Stargell and Mazeroski)
1 Hall of Famer bat relic (Clemente)
1 Hall of Fame jumbo bat relic (Stargell)
2 patches of the Pirates youth movement (Taillon & Polanco)
1 Jumbo Jersey Relic and On Card Autograph of one of baseball's top young pitchers (Gerrit Cole)
Roberto Clemente bat relic 6/25

Willie Stargell Cut AUTO and jumbo bat booklet 7/10

Gerrit Cole on card AUTO and jumbo jersey 32/49

Jameson Taillon Jersey Patch 2/25

Gregory Polanco Colossal Prime Jersey Patch 14/25

Bill Mazeroski On Card Autograph Hall of Fame 2/10


  1. Didn't Panini get caught for using fake diamonds? Either way, it's an awesome card!

    1. I heard the same thing, but I haven't done any research into it.

  2. I heard that there was an isolated card that was not a real diamond. I'm tempted to bring mine to a jeweler to find out.