Sunday, January 25, 2015

Reverse Boxin National Treasures 2014: Up First Roberto Clemente

For the past two years I have done reverse boxes of Topps Tribute and it has been an absolute blast trying to get only the cards I want for less than the price of a box.  Last year I also reverse boxed Topps Triple Threads in penny pinching form, combining two boxes worth of cards for the price of one box.

I stated in my 2015 goals that I would reverse box Topps Tribute again this year (unless I despise the checklist), but also wanted to reverse box another high end product.  I have been seeing a lot of hits pop up for 2014 National Treasures and gotta say, I'm hooked.

I will be doing a reverse box for National Treasures this year despite the $425 box price tag.  Every box guarantees 4 autographs, 1 booklet, and a combination of 3 other cards (auto, relic, gem)

Many of the jersey and bat relics are numbered to 99, but for some of the more scarce Hall of Famers, they have relics numbered to 25 or less.
2014 National Treasures 6/25 BAT RELIC

The very first card I received in the mail from my recent eBay winnings is none other than the Great One, Roberto Clemente Walker.  

This bat relic of Roberto marks my 15th unique bat relic of the Hall of Famer and is numbered 6/25.  It cost me more than the $53 allowed per card to make this a successful reverse box, but I have confidence that I can pick up some other Pittsburgh Baseball Club members for a significant amount less than that.  At only $9 over the limit per card, I am feeling pretty good about my chances so far.

That leaves me $363 more to complete the reverse box.  


  1. You can never go wrong with Roberto! Congrats!

  2. Awesome card. I really like the Notable Nicknames set. I believe Cole, Parker and Polanco are all in it. The bad thing is they go for a lot more than a normal auto.

  3. Thanks guys. I haven't seen Polanco nicknames yet but have seen Parker and Cole. I've gotten some sweet deals on National Treasures which I'll show off soon.