Saturday, August 13, 2011

Another McCutchen Relic & a Kershaw Jersey available for trade

I just thought I would share with you ONE of my newest additions to the Andrew McCutchen PC.  This is a 2011 Topps Lineage Mini Bat Relic.  Can you say suhweeeeet?  Cutch is the fricking man!!!!!  If you disagree, I invite you to review all the exclamation points I made after that sentence because you're &*#$ing wrong.

I love these mini relics.  They're fricking awesome!  I also happened to pick up a 2011 Lineage Clayton Kershaw jersey.  I would be willing to trade the Kershaw as I know there's LOTS of Dodgers fans here in blogger world.  Anyone interested?  Make me an offer.


  1. I'll claim the Kershaw. I owe a Dodger fan some cards. Let me take a look at what I've got that you might be interested in.

  2. For a blog that's been around since March, I can't believe I haven't found it until a few days ago. Keep the cool cards coming!

    (Don't let the username fool you-I have dual allegiance!)

  3. I would LOVE the Kershaw. Contact me if you're interested. I should have something you need.

  4. Heh, never mind. Looks like someone else is going to trade it to me.

  5. WOW! Night Owl you work quick. LOL!

    Cubsfan: I created the blog in March, but haven't really been updating on a consistent basis until late July so that's probably why you just now came across it. I'll keep posting the cards if you keep reading about them.

    A2: I sent you an email. LMK about offers

    I hope you all enjoyed how I just went all Tarantino on that response. Ending to beginning for those that don't get reference.