Thursday, August 18, 2011


Today would have been Roberto Clemente's 77th birthday had he not died tragedy in a humanitarian act December 31, 1972.  Clemente was loved by many young kids and especially the Latino heritage during his playing career in the late 1950s - early 1970s.  Known as the Great One, Clemente has a statue outside PNC Park commemorating his life and playing career.  Inside PNC Park, there is a 21 foot tall wall in right field to honor Clemente's number and former position.  He has had countless books, magazines, comics, and general publications go into great detail about his life.  I'm not here to do that.  I'm here to pay tribute to one of the greatest Pittsburgh Pirates players ever through the art of cardboard.  Enjoy my small collection

As of now I only have 3 Jersey Relic cards of Clemente.  I would really love to get some more, especially a nice patch card.  The card directly below is from Triple Threads.  I really like this card as it has 2 pieces of jersey and a bat relic. 

The 2005 Donruss Champions bat relic directly above is my favorite of the bat relics I own featuring Clemente.  Donruss had a habit of putting a relic anywhere it fit on the card which became very annoying aesthetically.  However the card above is framed nice with the team colors and shows Roberto getting ready to swing the bat.

See what I meany by random placing of relics?  The card above shows that Donruss doesn't know how to place relics on cards.  It looks even worse on the back. 

Directly above is the oldest card I have of Clemente.  It's from 1959.  Unfortunately mine is slightly off centered, but the corners are nice and there are no major blemishes on the card.  I am actively seeking to trade for vintage Clemente.  I'm even looking for the mid 80s Donruss Puzzle pieces so if you have anything pre1987 of Clemente let me know.