Sunday, August 14, 2011

TTM SUCCESS & 2011 Draft

I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to post today.  Then it hit me, I've never done a TTM success post.  I don't send out a lot of cards through the mail to get autographed.  They're mostly players of yesteryear that are just happy to hear from their fans.  I've managed to obtain quite a bit of in person autos of current players through events and games.  Here's some of my TTM successes I've had over the years.  Of all the players I think Bobby Bonilla responds the quickest.   
I wasn't even in double digits age wise when these cards came out, but I remember rooting for the Bucs despite being from NJ and the peer pressure of Phillies, Mets, and Yankees.  Bobby Bonilla was one of my favorite players back then.  The "Killer Bs" (Bonds and Bonilla) were putting up All Star MVP numbers and Doug Drabek had just come off from winning the Cy Young.  I would love to get the complete team set autographed one day as I think the Yellow/Black design Fleer used in 1991 works very well with the Pirates.  I know that Van Slyke and Bonds will be basically impossible though since they don't sign through the mail anymore.

So with that being said, if anyone from the 1991 Pirates team is doing a signing anywhere please let me know about it. PLEASE!!!!!!

So far I have Zane Smith, Sid Bream, Rafael Belliard, Bill Landrum, Ted Power, Bobby Bonilla, Doug Drabek.

I still need:
-Barry Bonds
-Andy Van Slyke
-Jay Bell
-John Smiley
-Don Slaught
-Jose Lind
-Neal Heaton
-Mike LaValliere
-Bob Walk
-Carlos Garcia
-Bob Kipper
-Jeff King

*******On another note********
Tomorrow at midnight is the deadline to sign anyone drafted from the 2011 MLB Draft.  The Pirates 1st round pick and #1 overall selection Gerrit Cole still hasn't signed.  That's to be expected as the #1 overall pick never signs before minutes approaching the deadline.  Cole really doesn't have much leverage in the situation as he can't go any higher than #1 next year and there may be hard slotting for next years draft to prevent teams going overslot.  I guarantee Cole will sign with a major league deal, but he's nuts if he's looking for Stephen Strasburg money.  I think Cole will be a filthy pitcher, but he's not a phenom like Strasburg.

The Pirates also have to still try to convince highly touted power hitting switch hitting highschool outfielder Josh Bell that he shouldn't go to college.  I think there's a 75/25 chance that Josh will sign for something well over slot.  It will most likely break any 2nd round draft bonus ever if it does happen.  I will provide an update on Tuesday regarding the 2011 Draft Class.

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