Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Gerrit Cole collection (so far)

I had to show off what has started of my Gerrit Cole collection.  I also have a few other Cole cards coming from COMC and eBay (including a dual auto with Red Sox 1st rounder Matt Barmes).

I am currently looking for any Gerrit Cole base cards so trade up.

It was official at 12:03 Tuesday morning.  Gerrit Cole signed with the Pittsburgh Pirates for $8 million.  Gerrit was drafted out of high school as a 1st rounder by the NY Yankees, but did not sign.  Cole instead packed his bags and future million dollar arm to UCLA, where the 6ft4 right hander was widely regarded as the top pitching prospect heading into the 2011 college season.  He started out dominating (as seen in the video below) but other pitching prospects began to creep up draft boards as the season went on.  Cole has the highest ceiling of any of the college pitchers and has a nasty fastball that can hit triple digits.  There's reports of him stilling pitching in the high 90s in the 8th inning of some games.

I can not tell you how happy I am about this signing and even more impressive is the fact that high school switch hitting powerhouse Josh Bell signed.  The Pirates pitching staff could be absolutely filthy 4 years from now when all these teenagers hit the majors and have a year under their belt of experience at "The Show."

It's reported that the Pirates spent nearly $18 million this draft.  Who says that the Pirates ownership is cheap? 


  1. That dual auto is sweet! I got to see Jackie Bradley Jr play in college. Great ball player.

  2. Prior to his injury, Jackie Bradley Jr. was my favorite player entering the draft because of his performance last College World Series. I was VERY excited to see that their was a dual auto of both Cole and Bradley Jr.