Monday, August 15, 2011

Morton Monday: My Favorite 2011 AUTO

So since I started Morton Mondays (August 1st) here's Charlie Morton's stats

1 Win 0 Losses (2 blown saves by bullpen)
22 1/3 innings
16 Strikeouts (6.5K per 9)
7 Walks 15 Hits (.99 WHIP)
1 ER (0.41 ERA)

Morton Mondays are happening every week going forward.  I've always enjoyed watching Charlie pitch and rooting for him mainly because we were born in same town, but Charlie is just insanely good as of late.  He seems fearless on the mound even though he's had the bullpen falter in the 8th and 9th innings.

Yesterday, he gave up 3 hits and walked 3 batters while striking out 5 through 7 innings of work.  In the 8th inning he got a quick out, then gave up a double.  Charlie was taken out of the game and replaced by Jose Veras.  Jose came in and got Casey McGhee to pop out then was relieved by Pirates closer Joel Hanrahan for a 4 out save opportunity.  Joel faced former Pirate Nyjer Morgan and struck him out.  If your keeping track that's a ground out from Charlie, a pop out from Veras and a strike out by Hanrahan.  Unfortunately, the ball got by Mike McKenry and Nyjer made it to first without a throw.  Ryan Braun then hit a single which tied the game.  The run that scored was charged to Charlie, but I still believe that the scoring should have been ruled an error on McKenry, not a wild pitch causing the run to be unearned.  Morgan struck out! That's a good pitch, not a wild pitch. It's bullshit!

Oh well, I digress.  Here's my newest addition to the Charlie Morton PC.  It's an autograph from 2011 Topps Lineage.  The card design may seem familiar to some as it's the 1952 Topps design.  WE GET IT TOPPS, IT'S A NICE DESIGN. NOW STOP USING IT IN EVERY SERIES YOU PRODUCE!!!!!

I really like this card a lot and I didn't even know that Charlie was part of the series until I saw it on another blog.  I immediately did the "call the girlfriend into room to look at computer thing."  She's a Pirates fan and likes Morton too, so she said go buy one on eBay.  NOTE: When your girlfriend/wife/significant other/husband/etc. says go buy one on eBay, don't turn down the offer.

So now I have a Charlie Morton certified auto in a Pirates uniform in my hand.  
I can not be more excited by this.  
 I've got certified autographs of current Pirates All Stars (Meek, Hanrahan, McCutchen), Pirates Cy Young Winners (Doug Drabek, Vern Law), MVP winners (Groat, Parker), Pirates Batting Title winners (F Sanchez, Madlock), the only Pirate to ever win the Rookie of Year (Jason Bay), Hall of Famers (Stargell, Mazeroski) BUT THIS IS MY FAVORITE CERTIFIED AUTOGRAPH OF A PIRATE I OWN. 

For the record Charlie Morton was less than 1% owned in fantasy leagues before the season, but I drafted him with my last pick in both my leagues.  Charlie's a stud this year!

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