Friday, October 10, 2014

Dammit it's a Doumit: Pink Edition

So far we've raised $38 so please please please keep posting comments and pimping the blog....

Back in December 2013 I created Dammit It's a Doumit because I had the Blink 182 Dammit song stuck in my head for the day.  Since then sadly I have only added 1 new Ryan Doumit card to my collection until today...

Behold the majesticness of the uber rare PINK DOUMIT DAMMIT!!!!
2014 Topps Pink Parallel 15/50

This beautiful pink parallel from 2014 Topps numbered 15/50 ran me under $8 delivered.

At one time, I considered becoming a Ryan Doumit super collector until I came across this guy who clearly wouldn't let me win anything low numbered.

Now because Doumit is pictured in a Twins uniform...let's see some real twins as we continue to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness Research


  1. I was reading an article a while back that called Doumit the worst defensive catcher in the past 10 years or so.

  2. Nice Twins there in the middle! And that is an awesome smile too!

  3. Hello, I'm "this guy" with the Doumit collection. Sorry for grabbing the low number stuff, but have some good stories about watching him in the minors and gravitated my collecting toward him. Nice blog, pretty funny, and good luck in your collecting (but glad you won't be bidding against me anymore!)

    1. Glad you came across my blog. I actually just boughtva 1/1 Doumit printing plate on eBay with a fair B-I-N price.

    2. Congrats. Didn't even see it, but came to the realization a long time ago that I can't get them all. But, if you ever feel like moving it (or if I ever get something nice of a Pirate maybe trade), you know how to reach me.