Friday, October 3, 2014

Pink Liriano

I wish that Francisco Liriano pitched the 1 game Wild Card against the San Francisco Giants.  It would have been a better pitching matchup I think. Plus think about the fun that writers could have with Francisco blanks Francisco in Pittsburgh Blackout.

2014 Topps Pink Parallel Francisco Liriano 10/50
It's likely that Francisco pitched his last game for the Black and Gold a week ago ending his Pirates career with a 23-18 record with a 3.20 ERA and 338 strikeouts in 323 innings.  He also happened to pitch the most significant baseball in the Pittsburgh  since 1992 when he mowed down the Reds in the Wild Card game Blackout last year. He was a buy low/high reward candidate and out performed many people's expectations.

He also won Comeback Player of year in 2013.

If he leaves the Bucs, I wish him nothing but continued success (except when he faces us)

Now for some boobies...

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  1. Kate! Nice pickup on Liriano as well.

    But seriously.