Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sexy Saturday: From the Sexy Vault

When I planned out my Breast Cancer awareness ALL PINK post month, I was coming across a few of the Benchwarmers cards.  I'm always up for adding new and interesting cardboard to my collection.  In doing so, I purchased several of these cards and will highlight them as the month rolls on.
2011 Benchwarmers Vault Pink AUTO 12/25

Up first is a pink autograph of Brooke Morales.  Brooke is an actress that has appeared in movies such as BASEketball, Starship Troopers, California Heat, and Nudity Required.  In essence, she's not much of an actress, but damn is she hot!!!!  For $8, I couldn't pass up this on card autograph of the Beers Cheerleader (BASEketball reference) holding a big stick and needing some head protection.

As bad as it is, BASEketball is one of my favorite sports comedy movies.

Now for the boobs....