Thursday, October 23, 2014

El Toro strikes (out) again!

Pedro Alvarez has been one of the NL leaders in strikeouts for most of his professional career.  He's also been one of the NL Leaders in errors committed as a 3B since his debut.  Last year, despite appearing in only 99 games at 3B he managed to commit 25 errors.  He has a cannon for an arm, but has no control of routine ground balls.  His power swing is what will keep him in the lineup, but it looks like he will likely move to 1B next season and Josh Harrison will take over the duties of 3B.

I grabbed this 2013 Pink Parallel midseason when Alvarez was really struggling and it cost me less than $7 delivered.

Since Pedro Alvarez' nickname is El Toro (The Bull), let's see some Red Bull girls...


  1. We have quite the logjam at first.

  2. makes witty comment about logjam and the above pictures.