Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Jordy Mercer year in review

Way way way back in June, I showed off my Jordy Mercer 2013 Topps camo parallel.  As expected, Jordy Mercer due to his offensive upside grabbed the starting shortstop position from Clint Barmes in 2014 and although it took him a little longer than expected to get going, he provided enough offense to beat his previous career highs in nearly every offensive category.  Many felt that Mercer didn't have the range or agility to stick at shortstop, but he made several plays in the field during the year that rivaled those of other NL shortstops.  On top of that he finished the year in the top 5 for fielding percentage among NL shortstops.

2013 Topps Pink Parallel 15/50 
During the months of June, July, and August Jordy's bat reached his true upside belting 7 homeruns and hitting .289 with 31 RBI often times hitting in the number 8 spot in the lineup and getting very few pitches to hit due to hitting in front of the pitcher.

The above pink parallel of Jordy ran me $6 delivered.  Mercer appears to be the Pirates opening day shortstop when the season opens for 2015, but switch hitting shortstop prospect Alen Hanson could potentially be up mid season if Mercer scuffle


  1. I'm so glad the Pirates stuck with Jordy and didn't switch out to Barmes.

    Nice bewwwbbbs.

  2. What a great RC! As for the other "player" in this post the middle is picture is pretty hot, maybe the blanket in the background and the beer in hand help out!