Monday, October 6, 2014

Morton Monday: It's back (temporarily)

Due to the lack of Andrew McCutchen pink parallels I have in my collection I going throwback to a Morton Monday for today.  The last Morton Monday was done on January 23rd 2012.

To continue the Save the Boobies, Breast Cancer Awareness, posting here at The Pirates Treasure Room, I'm going to show off a pink parallel of my favorite pitcher in baseball.  None other than Charlie Morton.
2013 Topps Update 41/50

I've had this card for almost a year now, but have been saving it for this month long of posting pink baseball cards.  I won this the week that 2013 Topps Update hit shelves for the price of $13.  Since then I have seen them sell in the $6-$15 range.


  1. Man your Morton collection is insane.

  2. I'm almost to the point where I don't even look for McCutchen's anymore.

    Sweet Morton!