Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Marte Partay!!!!

Starling Marte had another very under rated season.  Despite getting little recognition outside of Pittsburgh, Marte managed to post another 5+ WAR season while appearing in only 135 games.  He posted his best offensive numbers of his young career by setting new career highs in batting average, obp, slugging, HR, and RBI.

Defensively Marte is an enigma when it comes to Sabremetrics.  If you look at his stats some show incredible zone ratings, while fielding percentage is bad.  If anyone has ever watched him roam left field though, it's clear that this dude can chase them down.  He makes extra base gap shots look like routine outfield catches.
2013 Bowman Chrome 19/35 Pink Parallel

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  1. you guys have quite the outfield.

    1. For the money your team pays your outfield you should too.

  2. The scary thing is he could be better. Just imagine if he shows the plate discipline that he had after the injury this year for a full season.