Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Reese can really rock!!!!

Ok, ignore the pink background.  Look at this card!!! It looks like it could be from an inner cd cover of a metal band.  Look at the young backstop screaming holding up the metal sign signifying 2 outs.  Yup this is a badass card and an ebay 1/1.  I forget the price I paid for it, but it was significantly more than what they are going for now.
2014 Bowman Inception Autograph 50/50
Regardless though I am happy to add this 2014 Bowman Inception autograph to my collection.

Reese had a good season despite lower offensive numbers than his pro debut.  Reese is still only 19 years old and performed very well for a teenage backstop in A ball batting .262/.307/.334.  He doesn't have a power stroke yet, but is a good contact hitter with some gap power.  He's shown good plate discipline in the lower minors by having a 63 strikeout to 40 walk rate.  Where Reese truly shines though is how impressive the young man is behind the plate throwing out 39% of potential baserunners.

Because McGuire is of Irish heritage let's show some boobs....


  1. Rock on! I'm impressed by how many different pink cards you've been able to find!

  2. Nice addition dude! You're killing it this month.

  3. I really should be buying more McGuire cards. I'm getting lazy. All are reasonably priced.