Monday, October 27, 2014

Morton Monday: Bringing pink back!!!!

With the lack of Andrew McCutchen pink parallels in my collection, I had to bring back an old frined to help close out the final Monday on Pink Parallel Breast Cancer Awareness Save the Boobies Month.  Here's a card that I have had since Series 1 was released earlier this year.
Charlie had a great season despite his Win-Loss record and multiple stints on the DL.  He set personal bests for hits/9 (8.2), K/9 (7.2), and WHIP (1.27).  He still holds a career record of 36-61 over 7 seasons so he's not going to be getting any HOF votes when he retires, but he's still a very good mid rotation guy with very little run support since reinventing himself in 2011.  One thing that Charlie continues to do is hit too many batters by pitching too close inside.  For 2103 and 2014 he lead the National League in hit batsmen.

Below is my 2014 rainbow of Morton cards (excluding the minis) which I am saving all for future posts.

First up the numbered parallels

Then the base and retail exclusives

And finally some boobage cause this is Save Second Base month after all.
Since Charlie Morton is such a powerful part of my collection, I thought a sexy female cosplaying Power Girl was appropriate.