Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sexy Saturday: Miki Black

When I was planning out this all pink month to Save Second Base, I came across a handful of Benchwarmers cards that interested me enough to grab an autograph.

I already showed off a Brooke Morales autograph because BASEketball was one of my favorite sports movies when I was younger.  I also grabbed an autograph of former St. Pauli Girl Lager pinup Katarina Van Derham.

Today I'm showing off another autograph (numbered to only 25 copies too) that I grabbed for under $3.

Normally I don't show off the backs of cards, but this one is so good I had to

If you have never heard of Miki Black don't feel too bad.  She has her own youtube channel that you can check out or if you want a good laugh check out the youtube video Harry Potter in the Hood.  She's one of the hotties gettin' down with Harry.