Thursday, April 25, 2013

2013 Pirates Triple Play team set

I managed to find someone who was selling individual cards of 2013 Triple Play at my local mall card show. $4 later and I have a few new Cutch cards for the PC and a new Pedro Alvarez.

Here's the lot of them.

2013 Triple Play When I Was a Kid insert Andrew McCutchen 
 First off, I love this card.  It's so cute and silly.  On the back it talks about how good Andrew was when he was in 8th grade playing for the Varsity team at his high school batting .591.
2013 Triple Play Andrew McCutchen & Pedro Alvarez base cards
The base cards are pretty straight forward.  On the backs they have stats from the 2012 season along with a bit of knowledgable facts about the player.
2013 Triple Play Sticker Insert & All-Star Insert
Stickers are always welcomed to add to my collection.  They remind me of times when I was a kid and how fun collecting can be.  The All-Star card has an interesting fact on the back that stumped me and made me think that Marty McFly screwed up the space time continium.
Wasn't Chris Coghlan of the Marlins the ROY in 2009?  Granted Cutch should have won the award since he hit 3 more HR, 7 more RBI, swiped 14 more bases and posted a 1.33 better WAR while playing in 20 games less.  Oh yeah, he also played a more premium defensive position.

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