Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Patching up some holes in my collection

I recently picked up 3 manupatches for my collection.

The first is of HOF left fielder Ralph Kiner and is numbered to 300.  It shows the Pirates "P" along with a "TM" logo.  I like adding these type of cards from time to time if they are unique.  Adding 20 different "P" with the same core group of players though gets a little boring.

The card is very thick (138pt).  This is my first manupatch of Kiner with the Pirates current logo.  I grabbed it for $7.

I also grabbed another Pirates HOF player and quite possibly the greatest shortstop to ever play the game, Honus Wagner.  While this card epically fails in comparison to my T206 Honus Wagner bat relic card, it's kind of cool to get a logo patch of the Bucs from the 1903 World Series.  Honus was a key player heading into that 1st World Series where the Pittsburgh Pirates played the Boston Americans, but managed to bat only .222 with only one extra base hit and only 3 stolen bases.  The Bucs would lose the best of 9 series in Game 8.  The 2004 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic Patch is numbered 70/200 and cost me $10 shipped.  

The other manupatch I picked up is a throwback patch of Rashard Mendenhall from the 2010 Topps Football set.  It cost me $3 and is my first Steeler manupatch.

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