Monday, April 22, 2013

He was a Pirate? Volume 1

Today I'm going to take a look at a new feature I will be having on the PTR where I look at a relic or auto of a player that many people often forget played for the Pirates.

I'm not going to feature failed prospects that didn't get to the majors with the Bucs, but did with other teams so no Brent Lillibridge's here.

What's odd about all these players I'm going to feature is that there is a relic or auto of the player despite not playing for the team in more than 20 games.

So if you were hoping to see a feature on recently traded Brock Holt, you won't catch that here cause he played in 24 games with the Bucs in 2012.  Speaking of catching....
2005 Topps Prime Uncirculated UncommonBase BAT RELIC 20/100
Up first is Benito Santiago.
While the card I am displaying is pretty cool and the design is simple for a chromed out card, I can't believe it cost me almost double digits to add it to my collection.  The 2005 Uncirculated Topps Prime Bat Relic 20/100 ran me $9.99 to add to my collection.  I liked Benito when I was a kid.  I thought that he was a hell of a catcher.

Many remember the All-Star backstop for his time in San Diego when he appeared on cool designs of early 90s cardboard like what's below.

Some remember him as being the 1st Marlin in team history to hit a HR.

Many others remember him for his time as a Giant.

But honestly and be truthful, how many of you remember Benito Santiago wearing the black and gold for 6 games?

Yup only 6 games!!!!!

The Pirates traded "Leo Nunez" whose real name is Juan Oviedo to the Kansas City Royals to rent Benito Santiago for 6 games.  6 F-ing games!!!! Are you kidding me?  No wonder this franchise hasn't had a winning record since 1992.

Benny appeared in 6 games with a total of 23 plate appearances collecting 6 hits before being released for the much younger David Ross.

Wait? David Ross who's been catching for the Atlanta Braves for the past 5 years? That David Ross? Yup, that's him.  He caught 40 games for the Pirates in 2005 before making room for Ryan Doumit...

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