Sunday, April 28, 2013

It's not complicated...

We've all seen those AT&T commercials where "it's not complicated".
I can't promise that I'll discuss strapping a cheetah to your grandma's back or an island full of candy in this post, BUT it's not complicated....saving money is better than not saving money.

A few months ago, I went on a Jameson Taillon buying spree.  I just had a feeling that he would further elevate his status as an elite prospect.  By saving some round objects of Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, I cashed them in for two paper versions of Hamilton and Jackson.  Yup the cards you see below were picked up for only $30.

2009 UD USA Baseball Inscriptions AUTO "Til I Collapse"

2011 ITG Autograph Heroes & Prospects

2009 UD USA Winning Materials JERSEY 44/499

2011 ITG Heroes & Prospects In the Game Lumbergraphs AUTO
Granted none of the cards are of the future ace wearing a Bucs uniform, but for 3 signatures and a jersey relic, I'll take em for $30 every chance I get.

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