Friday, April 19, 2013

Please Topps...PLEASE!!!!!

With the current Topps monopoly, it's going to be hard for fans to get what they really want in cardboard.  Back when there was competition in the industry, there were players who would appear in only one brand and not others.  Even though they didn't command a lot of demand, Upper Deck wasn't afraid to put out autographs of guys like Brian Bixler and Josh Fogg.  Donruss and Fleer would include bases or gloves as relics instead of just bats and jerseys.  It felt like I could actually find something out there if I really wanted to.

Now I'm being forced to get autographs from only the faces of the franchise and upcoming stars.  If I want a relic of Clint Barmes in a Pirates uniform, I have to win an MLB auction for $150 and get his entire jersey.  If I want an autograph of backstop Mike McKenry I have to get it in person.  Don't get me wrong I love getting Andrew McCutchen and Starling Marte autographs and relics, but a little variety sure would be nice.

So since we are all fans of multiple teams, what are your top 3 players on a current MLB roster you know you'll likely never see a certified autograph or relic of in your team of choice.  Why do you think they should make a relic or auto of the player?

Here's mine:
2012 Topps Michael McKenry Black Parallel 39/61
Michael McKenry (backup Catcher)
He's nicknamed The Fort.  He's had some very big moments in Pittsburgh since arriving in 2011.  His first career HR in the 8th inning off Carlos Marmol is my favorite memory of the 2011 season.  He also went on to catch 2 19 inning games in less than a year.  I want a unique nickname insert set with relics or autos of the players.
2013 Gypsy Queen AJ Burnett
AJ Burnett (Starting Pitcher/current Staff Ace)
I have an on card auto of AJ in a Marlins uniform.  There's multiple relics and autos of AJ out there, but since this is most likely his last season in the majors, I would love to get an AJ patch card or auto in a Bucs uniform.  He proved that he's still got plenty in the tank winning 16 games last season which was 6th best in NL. In the early part of the 2013 he's averaging a 14.3 K/9 which is a ridiculous number.  Oh and just a few days ago he carried a no hitter into the 7th inning.  It be neat to see Topps make a Tattoo insert series with autographs of the players and maybe a blurb about what a tattoo on them means.

2012 Topps Heritage Jared Hughes
Jared Hughes (relief pitcher)
He's nicknamed Mr. Hyde when he's on the mound because of how mean he looks, but he's incredibly friendly off the field.  He appeared in the second most innings as a relief pitcher amongst NL rookies last year.  He finished the season with a 1.15 WHIP and 2.85 ERA last year. Put an auto or relic of Mr. Hyde in the insert set with The Fort and I'll be  a happy camper.

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  1. A Chris Denorfia jersey relic that was covered in dirt would be awesome, since he epitomizes grit and hustle. I'd love a Brad Brach auto, since he's the ultimate underdog (drafted after the 40th round of the draft). Mark Kotsay would be a cool guy to tribute as well, since he's only got a season or two left in the tank, but he's still goin strong.