Thursday, April 4, 2013

Jason Bay Jason Bay Jason Bay Jason Bay Jason Bay

As bad as the Pirates have been over the past 2 decades, there is one team that questionably runs their organization so much further down it's become a laughing stock.

Can anyone name who the NY Mets top paid outfielders are for the 2013 Season?

If you guessed anyone on the 40 man roster, you're sadly mistaken.  Thanks to the team not having any money to pay their payroll and constantly deferring bad free agent contracts, the top two paid outfielders on the Mets this year are Jason Bay and Bobby Bonilla.  Yes Bobby fricking Bonilla will be making about a million dollars until the year 2035.  Could you imagine that?  The guy has been retired for 12 years now.  His annual salary in 2001 was only $5.9 million, but instead they're going to be paying him $1.19 million until he's 72 years old.
Anyway thanks to the Mets uncanny ability to destroy any free agents they sign, the value on Jason Bay cards has plummeted to ridiculous levels over the past few years.  That's fine for me of course as I was able to snag a lot of 50 unique Jason Bay cards for $29.  Below are some of the highlights.
Included in the lot is a 1/1 2005 Topps Rookie Cups Black Printing Plate which gets me 25% to completing one of my 2013 Collecting Goals.
Also was the above 2005 UD Reflections Frabric Reflections Patch numbered 69/99
And even though it's a double in my collection now I also got the above GOUDEY AUTO.

About half the cards in the actual lot were doubles which is a bummer, but on the flip side about half the cards were new additions to the collection.  Here's some of my favorites.

First up are his rookie cards from 2002 Topps.  Bay traveled a lot before he finally established himself with the Pirates in 2004.  He had already spent minor league seasons with the Mets, Expos, and Padres.

These cards are all horizontal.  I hate the design of the card on top.  WTF is that weird alien design to the right of Bay?  I dig cards that look vintage like the 50th anniversary card in the center.  The Fleer Ultra on the bottom is just a nice clean looking design.

 I included the above card's front and back because quite frankly I liked it.  No other reason besides that.  It's an informative card that gives extra info about a team.  Upper Deck sure did make some awesome cards, didn't they?

Jason was not a burner on the basepaths. He wasn't going to swipe 40 bags a season. In fact there was only one season (2005) where he stole more than 20.  Despite not having blistering speed, Jason knew when to pick his spots and steal a bag.  The above cards show him on the basepaths.

I'm a sucker for Heritage.  Bowman, Topps, Fleer Tradition, UD Vintage. I love it all.  The above 2005 Bowman Heritage is no different.

2008 Topps Milestones 24/150
2005 UD Sweet Spot Gold 391/599
2005 Topps Rookie Cup 357/499
Oooooooh numbers time.  There were 3 numbered cards included in the lot.  None of them are particularly low numbered, but all 3 are new to my Jason Bay collection.

Overall this lot got me 29 new Jason Bay cards to add to my collection of the 50.  Not bad odds.

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