Thursday, April 4, 2013

I'll take $1, Bob (pt2)

My Penguins collection is not nearly as expansive of my Pirates collection which is a damn shame cause the Penguins have had some extremely good teams the past couple years.  However, there is one player that I love to collect of the Pens and that is Kris Letang.  The dude's a badass Defenseman and most of the time acts as an extra Forward when he's on the ice.  Even though he's missed considerable time he still leads the NHL Dmen in points this season.

I managed to grab 7 of his cards at the mall show as part of the 25 cards for $20 deal.

The Upper Deck card above is just flat out wrong.  Can't argue that it's a unique shot, but I'm just glad that Letang isn't the bitch in that relationship.
If anyone has any Kris Letang cards can you send them my way? PLEASE!!!!!!

Also in the $1 collection of Penguins cards to purchase was the above Larry Murphy jersey relic.  Sure it's nothing great, but for a Pens sweater, yeah I'll add it for $1

The final 5 cards in the lot that bought were of the Penguins Captain.  Love him or hate him, he's still one of the best talents in the game and the face of hockey.
Of course I'm talking about Sid.

You can send me cards of him too btw.

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