Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Is there a cure for having blue bulls?

Does anyone have any Pedro "El Toro" Alvarez cards they want to trade away?

I recently picked up this 2013 Topps Opening Day blue parallel and realized how much I like the streaky left handed power hitting 3rd baseman.

The back of the card has an interesting fact about Pedro.  In his first 2012 plate appearances with the bases loaded he hit a grand slam, 3 run double, walked, and hit 2 sac flies.  That qualifies for 10 RBI in only 2 official at bats.  Sheesh Loueesh That's Crazy!!!!

I'll have to get a list for the El Toro cards I have in my collection (so far) by the end of the week.
I need  a lot of paralells but also need the 2011 Topps Diamond Duos with Andrew McCutchen and Pedro Alvarez.  I have one in my Cutch binder, but would like to add one for the Alvarez page.

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