Monday, April 29, 2013

Who needs the NFL draft?

At the end of last week, there was a lot of sports fans watching the NFL draft.  I checked out who the Steelers selected at the end of each day and that was all.  Afterall, if you don't follow college football...who needs the NFL draft.

Willie Parker sure as hell didn't.  Willie was an undrafted running back from the University of North Carolina.   He was the primary backup for Jerome Bettis during his rookie year and would later go on to be a 2x Pro Bowler and 2x Super Bowl Champion.

My football card collection is not nearly as exciting as my baseball card collection, but I couldn't pass up this dual autograph of early millenium Steel City fan favorites Willie Parker and Jason Bay.

The above dual auto from the 2008 Hawaii Trade Conference was picked up for $12.50 a signature.  For $25, I'll grab cards like this every chance I get.

This makes my 28th unique individual to appear on an auto or relic with Jason Bay that I own.  My goal is to get to 38 by the end of the year.  ONLY 10 MORE TO GO!!!!

Here's a list of the others that I have memorabilia cards with Jason Bay 
*if bold it means I also have an autograph of them with Bay too

Albert Pujols 
Alex Rios
Alfonso Soriano 
Andruw Jones
Bill Madlock 
Bobby Crosby
Carlos Lee
Craig Wilson 
David Wright

Edgar Martinez
Freddy Sanchez
Gary Carter 
Jacoby Ellsbury

JD Drew
Jose Castillo 
Justin Morneau  
Ken Griffey Jr.
Kenny Lofton 
Mario Lemieux  
Manny Ramirez 
Matt Holiday 
Nick Markakis
Ralph Kiner

And here is a list of the players that I have autograph cards with Jason Bay

Bill Mazeroski
Casey Kotchman 
Dale Murphy
Dave Parker

Willie Parker

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