Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Return of Can I Buy a Vowel?

Last year I was trying to complete a nameplate of that other McCutchen.  I was making really good progress picking up letter after letter on ebay and COMC for under $8 a card.  Then I hit a stumbling block when I had M c C U T C H N and only needed the E to complete the set.  After nearly 5 months of searching I was able to get the letter E to complete the nameplate.

While I will not be attempting this nearly impossible task of completing a long nameplate of 1/1s I am excited to pick up my first Andrew McCutchen nameplate card from 2013 Topps.  The card features the letter E used by Cutch in the 2012 All-Star Game as part of his workout jersey.
2013 Topps 1/1 In The Name Nameplate "E" 2012 All-Star Workout Jersey 
It wasn't cheap and I was playing the counteroffer game with the seller until we both agreed on a price fair to both of us.  I paid just a little bit more than the letter N had sold for and just under what the letter T is currently listed at.

Like I said I would never attempt a nameplate of 1/1s, but damn how cool would that be?  Of the players I collect, Bay would be the easiest, but I don't see him making too many more All-Star appearances in the future.


  1. Greats, that's great, i am trying to complete Kershaw but tat's clearly a big, big challenge as well ! Great that you were able to complete it !