Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Why I save for rainy days

Does anyone else have a change jar they use for emergencies?
I don't use mine for emergencies, I use it for my "rainy day" card splurges.  

Normally I put all my pennies, nickels, and dimes in a Poland Spring water cooler bottle and let it sit there until it's too full I can barely lift it.  Friends will throw money into it too when they come over.  It's awesome.  When it get's damn near full I cash it in and get a couple hundred bucks out of "useless change".

Then I use it to buy myself something nice.  Something like what's below...

I saw this card for sale at a card show for triple digits which is expensive as $#!^, but couldn't resist adding it to my collection.  
Honus Wagner jersey relics are very tough to come by (this is my first).  Roberto Clemente relics are always extremely expensive and sought after.  Combine them with another HOF Pirate player 7 time HR champ Ralph Kiner and you have a very neat card that spells out the Pirates nickname "The Bucs".  I love this card and it displays nicely in my man cave along with my other Pirates memorabilia cards like this one below

I bought this card off ebay after searching for a very long time for a Barry Bonds bat relic card featuring the HR King in a Pirates uniform.  When I saw this pop up on ebay I had to overpay to add it to my collection.  No sweet patches or autographs or 19 year old phenoms appear on this card, but it has a very low print run of only 9.


  1. I don't usually collect relics, but if I did they would like those.

    Very nice!

  2. Awesome cards! I just started collecting Clemente and you have a sweet Clemente collection. Congrats.

  3. sweet pickups! Triple Threads rarely disappoints.