Sunday, April 14, 2013

FINALLY!!!!! Another logo patch!!!!

Last year I said I wanted to get cards featuring the Pirates logo patch of my favorite players.  So far I had a few Andrew McCutchen, one Jose Tabata, one Freddy Sanchez, and a Jason Bay.  Now I can add Neil Walker to that list.  One of my 2013 Collecting Goals was to add 2 of these to my collection this year.
I recently just won this on ebay with a submitted best offer.  There's another one currently on ebay for over 6 times what I paid for this gem.  Sure Mr. Jolly Rodger's face isn't very prominent in the patch, but we all know what it's from.  The card is number 14/25 and is from 2012 Topps Museum Signature Swatches.

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