Friday, April 19, 2013

Showcasing The Ugliest Auto in my Collection: From a balloon string to shark teeth

Jeff Locke has the potential to be a mid rotation starter.  His last outing on 4/13 was strong enough for his first win of the year as he went 5 innings of 1 run ball.  He still struggles with his command at the big league level and has moments where hitters are just teeing off him like last night.  Strangely enough the southpaw is better against righties this year holding them to a .222 average while lefties are hitting .462 against him.

If Locke can settle into the 5th starter spot for another month, the Pirates may know what they have in the young southpaw.

One thing is for sure, he signs baseball cards like he's drawing shark teeth.
2012 National Treasures Signature Series Rated Rookie AUTO Jeff Locke 94/99

The above 2012 National Treasures Rated Rookie AUTO is numbered 94/99 and was picked up for $3 off the Bay of e.  I have a few of Locke's 2012 Bowman autos and they don't look this bad.  His IP autos are actually much better.  However every not Bowman signature I've seen of this guy is atrocious.
image courtesy of comc

I don't own the card above, but just wanted to show the progress the young man is making since coming to the Pirates in 2009.  His signature used to look like a balloon string, but has become more like shark teeth.

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