Saturday, February 21, 2015

McCutchen Mailday #17: 2012 Topps Chrome Dyanamic Die Cuts

One of my 2015 collecting goals was to add 100 new Andrew McCutchen cards to my collection that I previously didn't have.  In order to achieve this goal, I would have to add an average of 8.3 new Cutch cards to the collection each month.  I am ahead for the goal and actually have several more already scheduled for post in March's Go Green month.

The latest die-cut to join the Quest is a 2012 Topps Chrome Dynamic Die Cuts that ran me $2.20 delivered.  The card is certainly a Die Cut, but I wouldn't classify the design as dynamic.  It looks more like randomly cutting edges for no reason.

The back of the card discusses many of Cutch's tools.  It notes him being a 20-20 player with good speed and some pop, and the ability to play great defense (lead all NL outfielders with 414 putouts in 2011).

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