Thursday, February 5, 2015

Throwback Thursday: 1970 Willie Stargell Scratch Off

I am not a completest when it comes to my Pirates collection.  I don't intend to have every card ever produced with a Pittsburgh baseball club logo (or lack of logo for that matter).  However, when cool things like this 1970 PlayBall Scratch Off end up being buried in a stack of cards for 10 cents, I have to jump on it.  Cards like this help balance out the Willie Stargell card I showed off yesterday.
It lacks mint condition.  It lacks multiple colored parallels.  It lacks a lot of resale value. thing it doesn't lack, is that vintage smell and feelings of being a young kid collecting cards because it was fun.

I think with all the instant gratification in the world today due to technology, many of us forget those times when we had to actually work hard to find the cards we wanted aka busting packs after packs.  Then if you wanted rare giveaways by the companies you had to buy cereal, win scratch offs, save lots of wrappers.

I miss those days.

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