Wednesday, February 25, 2015

McCutchen Mailday #18: 2014 Finest Competitors Red Numbered /10

The latest Cutch to the collection in my pursuit of 100 new Cutch cards in 2015 is a very low numbered red parallel from 2014 Topps Finest.

The Finest Competitors were one of the rarer of the inserts in Topps Finest with the red parallel being the rarest (only 10 copies exist) besides the Superfractor.  I really liked the design of the card and knew that I wanted to add it to my collection so I got caught up in a bidding war which rendered me a loss of $42 in my wallet.

The back of the card shows his most recent year's stats along with career totals which is a normal Topps standard. It also goes into detail about how good Cutch has been over the past 2 seasons (2012 and 2013).  If it were to discuss his 2014 totals, I would expect the numbers to be even better.

I may chase the rainbow of this card since their are several color parallels of it and I like the 1997 throwback design.


  1. Oh my. That is absolutely gorgeous. I've really been loving all the throwback Finest cards over the last couple years.