Thursday, February 12, 2015

The rarest Barry Bonds 1989 Topps you will ever see

1989 Topps isn't known for their scarcity.  That's a simple fact.  However, a few years ago Topps opened their vault to some error cards that were produced and Chris Henderson, who has worked for Topps on projects such as Allen & Ginter Highlight sketches got a large amount of the misprint blank front cards and has been doing sketches on them through his ebay site.

I've previously had Chris do several commission sketches for me (MortonMarteMcCutchen) and thought this was a perfect opportunity to purchase an extremely unique (1/1 sketch) of the HomeRun king on his actual 1989 Topps card.

Here's the sketch Chris came up with
What a great image of a presteroids Bonds.

If you're interested in purchasing some of his work, please be sure to visit his ebay site


  1. What was the process of getting the sketch commissioned? Did you just send him a message via eBay, or did you know him previously? There are a couple blank fronts in his store that I could persuade myself to buy if I could also get a sweet sketch on it. (I assume the cost of the sketch is not included in the ebay price)

    1. He will normally add about $30 to the blank fronts for a commission. His work is fantastic. Just shoot him a message thru eBay to make sure he has the time. Normally it was a 1 week or less turnaround though. The guy is flat out amazing.

    2. Very cool - Thanks for the info, if I go for it I will post the results on my blog.