Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Pair of Grillis

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When I am browsing the interwebs in pursuit of some new cardboard to add to the collection, I sometimes come across deals too good for me to resist, but deep down I know that I don't really need to add the card to my collection.  Such was the case for what you are about to see below.

Quite frankly I didn't need any more autographs of the former Pirates All-Star closer, Jason Grilli.  BUUUUUUTTTT this was toooooo good to pass up I said.

I already have a healthy amount of Jason Grilli autographs in my collection including the best on card inscription autograph of Jason Grilli ever along with a sweet sticker auto/jumbo patch numbered /10 for my Triple Threads reverse box.

Well for $7 combined and delivered I managed to add two more John Hancocks of Jason Grilli to my collection.

One is numbered /10 and features Grilli as I will always remember him (smiling and having a good time)

And the other is on card and numbered /40.

What do you guys think?
Was $7 worth it for more cardboard of a guy you don't really collect and already have in your collection?

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  1. No wrong answer here. I suppose you could say you could have spent the 7 dollars on something else you really did want. On the other hand you could always put them back on ebay and sell them, maybe for a profit. Do any of us really need any of the cards we buy? Collecting is a strange habit.