Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Remembering Oscar Taveras

I don't know why it has taken me so long to post this dual autograph of two of the NL's top outfield prospects heading into the 2014 season, but thought with Spring Training just around the corner it was now appropriate.  St. Louis announced last week that they plan to wear a number patch on their uniform in 2015 to honor the late Oscar Taveras.  Heading into Spring Training last year, both Taveras and Polanco looked like they would be competing against one another not only for top NL outfield prospect, but potential Rookie of the Year candidates.  Add in that they are division rivals and nearly the same skill set and age and it seemed like these young potential superstars could be forever linked to one another.

Sadly in late October the link between Taveras and Polanco was broken when Oscar passed away from a car accident resulting from him being 5 times the legal alcohol limit while driving.  I'm torn on if honoring Taveras is the right thing to do.  His untimely death appears to be self induced and because of that he took the life of his teenage girlfriend as well.  

Polanco has been given the right field job when the Pirates traded away Travis Snider in the offseason.  I suspect that Gregory will be a good rightfielder, but I truly think that Andrew Lambo is going to be the breakout star for the Pirates in 2015.  

The dual autograph represents my only Oscar Taveras autograph in my collection and it was purchased the day of his passing with a best offer in the $50 range.  I wasn't a big fan of Topps Supreme, but using these two subjects on the card together was a good idea by Topps.  National Treasures has also since linked these two players together for their dual jumbo patch booklets.

I recently grabbed another card featuring both players at a local mall card show.  I snagged it for $2 which I thought was a pretty good deal considering how much these things go for online.
From 2014 Bowman Chrome is a Dual-ing Die Cuts.

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