Sunday, January 4, 2015

Football Sunday: The Final Chapter (for now)

Well, as far as I'm concerned football season is over and I have 44 days of watching hockey until pitchers and catchers report.  The Steelers lost in disappointing fashion yesterday at home to the Ravens eliminating them from further playoff appearances.

A lot of people I work with know that Le'veon Bell is my favorite current Steeler and his absence was greatly missed yesterday.  However, when I got asked if I thought Bell could have given the Steelers a win, I had to say "probably not".  There's no doubt that the Steelers offense would have been better suited against the Ravens with Bell in the lineup instead of being on the sidelines. However, the Ravens rushing defense was downright filthy this year limiting opponents to less than 4 yards per carry.  Bell wasn't the reason the Steelers lost yesterday.

The team made a lot of costly stupid penalties that Joe Flacco capitalized on.  That's the reality.

Above is my latest Le'Veon Bell purchase that cost me a winning bid of $4.99.  I considered making an all green month for March to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, but didn't know if it would be as well received as my Save Second Base, Save the Boobies month.  Would you guys like to see me Go Green for St. Patty's Month?  I've got a lot of emerald/green type cards I can show off.


  1. An all-green theme month would be cool, but you probably shouldn't benchmark it against Save Second Base month. It's hard for anything to win against boobies.

    1. Well we could show off sexy girls getting drunk on St Patty's day too