Thursday, January 22, 2015

Throwback Thursday: this is soooo great I need to post them...

I don't collect much nonsports cards anymore.  I used to collect all kinds of cards when I was a kid especially Marvel Flair, Fleer Marvel Metal, X-Men Ultra and the Skybox Comics Series (Marvel, Batman, etc).  When I ordered a high ticket autographed card I found these 9 cards protecting my beautiful on card auto.  However, I was more excited to look at these and remember, "I had this.  Oh man!!!  I remember this artwork."

It was a total blast from the past.
The above cards might have a resale value for a couple quarters, but I gotta say it was great to remember the joys of collecting again without needing giant swatches of relics, autographs, fancy parallels, or snow flake themed die cuts. The above 9 cards brought me back to my youth and for a brief time I remembered what it was like to just enjoy cardboard without attaching a huge dollar figure to it.


  1. Those are awesome. What are they exactly, as my wife is a fan of batman and i would love to get her some?

  2. They are produced by 1994 Skybox. I'm sure you can find the complete set or even a box for under $10.

  3. I may have a few of these sitting around, if you're interested in them.