Saturday, January 17, 2015

McCutchen Mailday #3: 2014 Stadium Club Luminous Die Cut

In my quest for 100 NEW unique Andrew McCutchen cards to add to my collection, I came across this awesome die cut Luminous insert of Cutch from 2014 Stadium Club.

In a short time in 2015, I have already added 2 new diecuts of Cutch to my collection with a few more on their way.  I truly think that adding 100 new Cutch cards to the collection will be the most fun part of my collecting goals in 2015.

With a winning bid of $2.55 I was able to secure my 3rd new Cutch of the New Year and it's an absolute beauty!!!!  Stadium Club due to it's great photography and unique inserts was a great success in 2014.  I hope Topps brings it back for 2015 and improves on it.

The back, while not informational does feature a pretty cool background.

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